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Temple History

Sree Moola Bhagavathy Temple has got a divine and unique history. Dating back to several centuries the present temple location had got a temple and a 'Kavu' which was worshiped by Brahmins. Later on the temple and 'kavu' was discarded by the preceding generations which was ultimately ruined and the modern era was unable to judge the existence of a temple and kavu.

This temple location has reached in the hands of the family of current temple Melsanthy after being passed in ownership of several people for centuries. Several years have passed, once a jack fruit tree which has been there in the temple location has been cut down. After cutting down this jack fruit tree several disturbing incidents took place in the family of current Melsanthy which persuaded the family to seek the help of astrological findings. Astrological findings with regard to the current temple location has revealed the existence of a ruined temple and the presence of Devi in the jack fruit tree. Astrological findings have disclosed that if a residing abode is provided the Devi it will be beneficial for the well being of the people in and around the location and for those who worships Devi.

More than this Devi has appeared as a girl child in the dreams of current Melsanthy's mother and suggested of providing a residing place for the Devi. Since that incident, rituals / offerings for Devi has started in a relatively small temple. The current Melsanthy 'Subhash' was deputed as the person to offer poojas for Devi after grasping Tantrik Temple Procdures under the guidance of Sri Purushotaman Potti.

With the devotion, commitment and assistance from the near and dear ones in the family a temple was constructed.


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