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Annual Temple Festival - 2011

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Dear all,

This year's annual 10 days festival of Sree Moola Bhagavathy Temple is about to be celebrated from 19-02-2011 to 28-02- 2011. This 10 day festival is regarded as a means for spiritual, physcical welfare and strengthening of all the human beings in the spirit of Goddess.

Festival will commence on February 19 (7th, Month of Kumbham, 1186) Saturday at an auspicious occation between 8.15 - 8.45, which will be presided over by BrahmaSri Purushothaman Potty.

On the first day of the festival devotees can offer pongala at around 10.30 in the morning and in the evening Thottam Pattu will be commence at around 9.30 pm. For the next 10 days there will be special offerings and rituals in the temple. On day 9 (27-Feb-2011) Sunday at around 10.45 it will be sree Ezhum Perur Pongala. In the evening there will be procession and Thalapoli.

Sree Moola Bhagavathy Temple Trust welcomes whole hearted participation of all the people in this year's annual temple festival, who had welcomed thalapoli procession in their homes and dedicated various offerings for the temple in recent years.

Perur Sree Moola Bhagavathy Temple.

Perur Sree Moola Bhagavathy Temple Festival Committe.
Festival Convenor